Mountain Equity Group (MEG) a local Western Slope of Colorado Group. Membership consists of real estate professionals who, through education, client counseling, real estate taxation, real estate financing, and equity marketing provide creative real estate solutions specific to the needs of their clients.

Membership in MEG greatly expands networking opportunities beyond the local real estate communities to encompass the entire state.

Through our affiliation with the National Council of Exchangors (NCE), we have exposure in other states as well.

NCE supports MEG by providing national educators to MEG members and guests, as well as sponsoring national marketing conferences. MEG encourages NCE membership. Visit the NCE website for more information: www.ncexchangors.com

MEG sponsors and hosts education seminars and classes that expand real estate knowledge and consulting opportunities not only to its membership, but to other real estate practitioners as well. Attendees will find that through these classes they will be more informed and innovative, allowing them to better serve their clients.

Become a member TODAY! A Mountain Equity Group membership application is available to download in the Forms section. Licensed guest are welcome to attend two meetings for free.

Monthly meetings in Montrose and Durango. We will email the time and location for each meeting.