Equity Marketing

Real Estate Equity is more than simply the difference between the dollar value of property and the debt on that property. Value less Debt Equals Equity.

How someone views their equity can change with their individual and personal circumstances, including factors unrelated to the property itself. It can be said that equity is the totality of benefits that are experienced by the property owner. The benefits sought by property owners can differ depending on their individual real estate goals, their age, where they wish to live, what they want to experience in life, as well as their individual tax circumstances.

Equity can be received or given in many forms, such as cash, land, promissory notes, free and clear homes, buildings or any combination of assets, real or personal.

“Equity Marketing” is the art of improving a client’s personal situation by exchanging current property ownership benefits for a set of benefits, as defined by them, that will allow them to move on with their life and goals.

Equity marketing groups like MEG and NCE believe real estate is more than a “sticks and mortar” business; it is “people first and foremost. Exchangors serve the client’s needs and wants by providing opportunities that meet or exceed the clients stated needs.

MEG members, armed with the educational experiences and creativity are able to deliver those benefits through different creative real estate solutions.